Types of mediation provided:

  • Family mediation.(divorce/separation/residence of children)
  • Family mediation(conflict in the family)
  • Mediation to resolve parenting issues.
  • Step-family mediation.
  • Inter-generational mediation.
  • Mediation between young people and their parents.
  • Work place mediation.
  • Commercial mediation
  • Pet mediation

Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation is a service for pupils in schools (both primary and secondary) It enables students to resolve their own conflicts within the school and develop negotiation skills. Peer mediation is used as a preventative method to resolve smaller conflicts before they turn into larger ones. Providing peer mediation in schools can help to change the culture within the school. The training gives children and young people life skills. Peer mediation training is available throughout the UK. The Scottish Mediation Network www.scottishmediation.org.uk has a number of free resources about peer mediation.  Carol has trained many young  peer mediators in schools nationally (Scotland) and internationally(Sri Lanka)

Mediation In Schools

Carol can provide mediation within schools where there is conflict between pupil to pupil, teacher to teacher, pupil to teacher, parent and teachers and parents and the Education Department.